Beherit: Black Metal: Finland
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Dawn of Satan's Millenium Pic. 7" (1990) [Turbo]

The Oath of Black Blood (1991) [Turbo/JLA]

Review Review Review

Beherit/Death Yell Split 7" (1991) [Turbo]

Drawing Down the Moon (1993) [Spinefarm]

Lyrics Review

Messe Des Morts Split (1999) [Necropolis]

Werewolf, Semen and Blood EP (1999) [Streetrock]

Beast of Damnation:The First Years CD (1999) [Bootleg]

Beast of Beherit (1999) [Spinefarm]

Live Joensuu 8.2.1991 12" (2002) [Bootleg]

Day of Darkness Festival [Bootleg]

Beherit/Archgoat Split 12" [Bootleg?]

Unholy Blessings [Demon Seed]